Bible Study: Matthew

Pastor Horn will hold a Bible study this fall on the gospel of Matthew, which will make up the majority of our gospel lessons in 2023. Sessions will run from 6:30 to 8:00 PM on Thursdays can be attended in-person at Evangelical or online via Zoom. Please contact Pastor Horn to request the Zoom link.

This Bible study series will the first of two parts on the book of Matthew; the second part will be offered in the spring.

Session 1 (September 15)

Introduction to Matthew: the opening and closing, the framework for everything in between.


Session 2 (September 22)

Introduction to Jesus: name, address, test results, and core team.


Session 3 (September 29)

Keynote address – the Sermon on the Mount: the Beatitudes, law, prayer, and living the gospel.


Session 4 (October 6)

The gospel on the move: healings, miracles, exorcism, and filling in the team.


Sesson 5 (October 20)

Discipleship: disipleship, persecution, growing tension with the Pharisees.

Session 6 (October 27)

The Kingdom: parables, replacing John.

Session 7 (November 3)

Start of a new direction: the Canaanite woman (also catch up)