The Last Easter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

April 9 is Easter. It is not particularly a secret. Many of the candy displays in the stores lists it. In the church, we start looking to the next Easter around November and the date becomes ingrained in the minds of the worship planners. The date varies, but Easter has been celebrated for almost 2000 years. For those interested, there is some debate as to the year of the first Easter. I lean to the year 30 which means 2030 will mark the 2000th Easter celebration.

As you will have gathered from my letter a few weeks ago, I will be retiring this July, and this will be my last Easter with you. Whether by retirement, moving, death, or some other reason, there will always come a time when we face a last Easter with family, friends, or a congregation. Sometimes we know of a coming change, such as this time. Sometimes it is a surprise to note, the passing of a loved one and realize with sadness that the previous Easter was the last one together. It is a part of the flow of life and a reality of the changes of time.

However, it is important to note that Easter itself continues. It has been a part of our faith for almost 2000 years and will remain for 2000 more. Easter is unique in that we are not celebrating “now,” but we celebrate and joy and promise of God that transcends time. The resurrection overcomes the limits of time. In Easter, we know that we are united in an eternity with those we love and miss. Easter holds us together in a way the world cannot. In Easter, we join with Christians of all ages and places with the proclamation that Christ is risen! In that proclamation, we are never apart from others; we are joined together by Christ.

Happy Easter; Christ is risen!

Yours in Christ,

Martin H. horn