Three women of ELC joined together in 2006 to create quilts that would be sent to Lutheran World Relief.  Using donated sewing machines and old bed sheets and blankets provided by church members, they began to create the quilts that would eventually be sent overseas to be used for warmth, as a bed, as a backpack, or even as a wall in a refugee tent.  For Ingathering Sunday in October, the ladies group had created almost 70 quilts that were dedicated and sent to LWR.

God is a weaver or seamstress, who evaluates the threads of our prayers and weaves the right colors into His tapestry of work in the world.  God stitches the patches of our prayers and service into the quilt of God’s new heaven and earth.

Hands of Love now has many more participants, including some from outside the congregation, who sew, knot, and assemble quilts every Wednesday at 9:00 AM.  Each year they make about 100 quilts that are displayed in the sanctuary on Ingathering Sunday (the first Sunday in October) for dedication before being packed in boxes and shipped to Lutheran World Relief.

We are always looking for people to help make quilts – you don’t need to know how to sew to take part!