Katy Yates Brungraber

Katy Yates Brungraber


I am professionally trained in Christian Education, Clinical Pastoral Education (Pastoral Visitation), Coaching, and Transitional Ministry. Over the past 35 years of ministry- volunteer, professional, and ordained (since 2012) – I have served churches big (2,000 members) and small (5 to 30 worshipers) in urban, suburban, small town, and rural areas. Currently, Chambersburg is home. In God’s goodness, your Council worked with your synod representative to find consistent pastoral leadership during your transitional season of discernment. I am delighted to be invited to be your part-time interim pastor.


My covenant with my presbytery and your council is that I will serve an average of 15 hours a week. I would love to attend “everything” going on in the church building; clearly, I will not be able to. In the 2nd and 3rd weeks of the
month, most of my time will be devoted to worship preparation and leadership. In the 1st and 4th weeks of the month, I will focus on visiting shut-ins, popping in on committee meetings, and talking with anyone who desires to grow in faith and faithfulness. Why part time? I, like some of you, am an active caregiver: for my husband, who navigates multiple health issues and complications; for my mother, who lives alone in her own home, in Gettysburg; for my presbytery — currently I serve on the Commission on Ministry. I’ve been elected to go to Utah (end of June) as an elected commissioner for this year’s PC(USA) General Assembly. In October, I’m scheduled to go to Greece on a study tour of New Testament locations.


Pastors are called by the Holy Spirit to serve. In God’s timing, we come and go for a host of reasons: sometimes due to our own health, retirement, or family needs; and sometimes for the health and spiritual growth of the congregation. Transitional ministers are trained to help the congregation see with “fresh” eyes by asking meaningful (sometimes hard) questions, keeping the focus on Christ, and encouraging the congregation to pray for the Lord’s way to be made clear as leaders discern the next faithful steps. It’s been said that there’s no such thing as a “permanent” pastor, but in a manner of speaking, even long-term pastors are transitional!


Please use me in a creative way: let’s talk — in person, on the phone, or by Zoom — about what’s going on for you personally and at the church building. How has God captured your attention? What is God doing in your life and
ministry? What might be celebrated, and what might be let go of, tweaked, or adapted in order to be more lifegiving and fruitful to the glory of God? To be sure, things will look and feel differently in this transition period than it did with Pastor Horn’s long-term leadership. Let’s make the most of whatever time the Lord gives us together. Six months? A year?

Mostly, I work from home, generally reserving Thursdays and Fridays for other commitments. Feel free to contact me directly to arrange home visitations or appointments at the church building. When you call, be sure to leave a message, and I’ll get back to you early in the week, or sooner, in an emergency. See you in worship!

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